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Bill Gate’s Favorite Books

Bill Gate’s Favorite Books

Bill Gates let us into his favorite list from 2016 and I have reproduced that list here courtesy of CNBC.

According to this article Gates goes though fifty books a year as they are his favorite way to learn about a new topic. This makes sense as there are a number of levels (beginner, intermediate, expert) in order to learn something. You can start from the bottom, with the basics and work your way up.

In Gates’ blog there are four of his favorite books from 2016 as well as an honorable mention.

The books are “String Theory” by Foster Wallace which he gives a detailed review of. There is also the memoir by Phil Knight who is the co-founder of Nike and serves a detailed description of his experience in the business world. Another is The Gene by Siddhartha Mukherjee who is a cancer physician and assistant professor at Columbia—despite his credentials Gates says it is written in layman’s terms because genes affect everyone. “The Myth of the Strong Leader” by Archie Brown is next on the list because in the midst of the 2016 elections, Gates wanted to explore the history and misconceptions of political leadership. No one person has all the answers, and the world’s best leaders are those who understand this and cooperate accordingly. Lastly is “The Grid” which will open your eyes to the manifestation that is the electrical grid—a topic not a lot of people are familiar with.

If there’s ever a question you wanted to Google or an attribute you wanted to improve on, Gates believes the best place to start is in between the pages of a well written book. In another reading, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates concur that the best business book ever written to be Business Adventures by John Brooks. Pick up a book idea!


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