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Best time to find a job

Best time to find a job

Maybe you’re looking for work and wondering if there is a null in the job market. So when is it most likely that you’ll get hired? I looked into several well-known recruiter sites as well as Business Insider in hopes of learning more about hiring cycles as well as if and when business are more likely to downsize or expand. In conclusion, the best time to be hired would be January. For many companies it marks the beginning of a new fiscal year and that means a new budget with plenty of room for new expenses and new hires. While many people are just coming back from vacation in the early days of the month, many resources cite the end of January and beginning of February as the most opportune time of year to enter a new position. The beginning of the year can be very busy though. People retire, there are new trainees (this is referred to as employee turnover rates)—there could be a lot of “housekeeping” going on at the company you’re looking into. Try to look into when the last quarter of the company is question Is and that’ll help you find out when their fiscal year ends. (For many the last quarter is marked by December 31st, but that’s not always the case). That being side, the recruitment cycles come in waves. So in December, unless a company is looking to fill an unexpectedly open position, it’s less likely for an application to be acted upon in a timely fashion. This could be the time to work on your resumes and definitely still send it out, but expect delays in a response. In the spring many companies are recruiting new graduates and for this reason there could be more competition, but the market is still very active.  The fall is a time when many companies are looking to make use of the last of their budgetary allowance and the response rate for new employees is moderate. The three months of summer is by far the slowest time to be looking for a job. School is out and people are in and out of their offices for vacation. For many this might mean not hearing back about a position until school resumes in late August/early September, but the good news is there will be less competition! Timing is key, and you want to be in the right place at the right time! Best of luck from everyone here at Fast Cash!

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