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Benefits of Reading

Benefits of Reading

When you look around everyone is looking down at their phone, it’s pretty uncommon nowadays to see someone holding a physical book. Growing up I did not enjoy reading; I later came to the realization that I was just reading things that did not spark my interest. Now that I am older, my goal is to annually read 6 books. Which is nothing compared to many other people – when Jeff Bezos decides to read a book, he finishes it in one day and Warren Buffett is notorious for reading hours a day.


Here are some benefits of reading everyday

  1. Education – Reading books compared to taking classes is much cheaper. You can learn so much just from reading one book
  2. Mental Stimulation – Your brain is like a muscle that requires constant exercise
  3. Improves concentration – There are so many distractions in our lives that it’s so difficult to focus on something for a long period of time. If you can stick to reading a book, you’ll learn a good habit of concentration
  4. Relieves stress – Reading takes you into a different world where you distance yourself from this world into a different planet
  5. Expansion of your vocabulary – You will not only learn about a topic or person; you will learn new words which is always a great thing to have under your belt


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