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Benefits of Languages in Business

Benefits of Languages in Business

Many people in the United States can speak multiple languages, and a majority of the rest of the world learns English because it is “the language to know for business”.

Here is a short list of reasons learning new languages can be beneficial to you in the workplace.

  • Networking: You will be able communicate with so many different types of  people
  • difference-between-extroverts-and-introverts
  • Trust: You can potentially gain trust from others because you guys have something in common and they may feel more comfortable with you
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  • Travel opportunities: Your boss may end up sending you on different trips instead of spending money on a translator!
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  • Perception increase: You will be able to understand other peoples tone and emotions when they speak
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  • News: You will be able to watch the news which will give you a different outlook on things and can help you make better business decisions
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