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Basic Economic Terms

Basic Economic Terms

Here are a list of some common economic terms and meanings:

  • Economics: The social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services
  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP): The total value of all final goods and services produced in the economy during a give period, usually a year
  • Inflation: A rise in the overall level of prices
  • Deflation: A fall in the overall level of prices
  • Business Cycle: The short-run alternation between economic downturns, known as recessions, and economic upturns, known as expansions
  • Exports: Goods and services sold to other countries
  • Imports: Goods and services purchased from other countries
  • Price Controls: Legal restrictions on how high or low a market price may go
  • Scarce: In short supply; a resource is scarce when there is not enough of the resource available to satisfy all the various ways a society wants to use it
  • Tariff: A tax levied on imports
  • Recession: A downturn in the economy when output and employment are falling; also referred to as a contraction
  • Labor Force: The sum of employment and unemployment; this is, the number of people who are currently working plus the number of people who are currently looking for work

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