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3D Printers Changing the Game!

By February 24, 2016 Main Blog No Comments

3D Printers have become a game changer for our world today. There are various different industries making leaps and bounds with this new technology. 3D printers are bringing in so many opportunities and solutions. Here are a few of the breakthroughs: 3D printed human skeletal muscle tissue, 3D printed prosthetic, 3D ultrasound pictures of babies. What is 3D printing? It is a process that creates three dimensional objects. It is similar to the process of regular paper printing, but it uses a digital file and a materials printer. It creates the object from the ground up by adding layer after layer of material using additive manufacturing. The 3D printing technology has grown and evolved rapidly. 3D printing can be used for so many different reasons in so many different areas of expertise including jewelry, education, dental, industrial, and more. The 3D printing industrial robots are a rising development that will continue to make progress and improve many different aspects of life.

3d printer ultrasound

3d printer prosthetic