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3 Principles

3 Principles

These are 3 principles I think everyone should do/follow. These do not pertain to any group of people, this is for everyone.

  1. Read. Yes you’ve probably heard this growing up, from parents, teachers, etc. For me, I was never a big reader, what I realized was that I was not reading anything I truly enjoyed. I enjoy learning about business, stocks, companies, finance and successful people. I made the mistake of attempting to read books that other people were really into, cooking, fictional books, etc. I would get the book, read a couple of pages and then give up because I did not enjoy what I was reading. I associated the books with reading and figured that I just didn’t like reading in general. I realized that the books and reading were two completely different things, it seems simple, but if you think you don’t like reading, realizing that these are two separate things is key. Think about what you like to do. If you were to be able to get paid $500,000 a year for 3 things (sitting in bed watching t.v. does not count!), what would you do? Would it be cooking, swimming, traveling? Whatever those three things are, find books about them and learn about it. Reading is exercising your brain.
  2. 5 second rule. Think about a time when you were in bed and your alarm clock went off, you saw the time and knew you needed to wake up but you decided to snooze instead. You wake up with only 30 minutes to get to work. You immediately get up and think to yourself “I should’ve waken up when I first heard the alarm.” Now picture this, a time where you are at work and you get a text message, then that leads to you getting on Instagram, and in your head you know that you need to get a project done. And lastly, remember a time when you have to wake up early or have something to complete that night or the next day, and your friend messages you to go out. You know you shouldn’t go, you contemplate on it then you decide, why not? And you end up going out. Then throughout the night you think about that one thing that should be getting done. These are just a few examples of situations almost everyone has experienced in some shape or form. The 5 second rule is that when you think of something you need to do, just DO IT. Do not let your mind talk you out of whatever it is that needs to be done. When you are laying and bed and think to yourself, ugh I need to get up, just get up! The longer you lay in bed the higher the chances are that you will not want to get up. Train yourself like you’re your own coach, yell at yourself to do the productive things that you don’t want to do.
  3. Set goals and stick with them. Notice that this contains two parts, you cannot just set goals and not stick with them. That’s a halfway done job, which is lazy. Don’t be lazy. Every morning set a couple of goals for yourself, don’t write down too many or else you won’t get them all done and then you won’t ever want to write a list of the goals again. Make sure they’re realistic. The morning goals should contain personal goals for example, read 1 hours, clean your room, make your credit card payment, etc. When you get to work, make a list of your work goals, and stick with them. Personally, I like the feeling of crossing off one of the tasks because I completed it.

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