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20 creative ways to save money

20 creative ways to save money

Here are 20 creative ways to save your money

  2. Meal prep
  3. Put all the physical 1 dollar bills into a shoe box
  4. Wait 20 days before buying something
  5. Don’t drink any drinks other than water when you go out to eat
  6. Shop for things when they’re not in season
  7. Make homemade gifts
  8. Get rid of your cable
  9. Write a shopping list before you go to the grocery store and stick with it
  10. Invite friends to come to your house instead of going out
  11. Negotiate rates with your credit card company
  12. Quit smoking (if you do)
  13. Do price comparisons
  14. Cancel unused subscriptions
  15. Avoid the mall
  16. Create a visual reminder of your debt
  17. Learn how to dress minimally
  18. Try to fix things yourself
  19. Buy generic brands instead of name brand
  20. Buy used things if you can
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